Retail Front System


Retail Front Office Application (RFOA) is a key module for any business having branches or stores.

RFOA features:

  • Monitor and control all the activities & operations related to the sales and customers of companies operating in different fields as well as the activities & operations of receivables & customer accounts. RFOA works on an integrated basis with the Sales & General Ledger applications at various levels – i.e. at the level of whole system, account groups or each document.
  • Classify & categorize customers & receivables into multi-level segments and identify sales representatives, which provides multi-level analytical reports.
  • Support multi-currency transactions.
  • Employ multi-level cost centres – up to 9 levels.
  • Issue cash or credit invoices of sales, with the possibility of monitoring and controlling various delivery method of goods, whether before or after invoicing, and processing returned cash or credit sales and handling different kinds of receivables (i.e. cash; open credit; credit lines; credit cards).
  • Set the required analysis criteria for all sale activities at different levels including: items/customer groups/customers/branches/sales representatives/projects/cost centres, and monitor & control all receivables documents like cash invoices/credit invoices, returned cash invoices/credit invoices, notes payable & debit & credit notes.
  • In addition to all follow-up and monitoring reports on sale activities, the Application supports key analytical reports on sale profitability, item turnover, sale documentation follow-up, and assessment of sales representatives' performance.