Taxes System


Taxes Application (TA) his founded on the basics that ought to be available in advanced taxes applications.

TA features:

  • Observe professional rules.
  • Support up-to-date database technologies.
  • Have a user-friendly interface and enable to specify the competent tax authorities concerned with the company's transactions.
  • Define all types of taxes pertinent to the relevant company and link such taxes to tax authorities and general ledger accounts.
  • Operate in harmony with other applications such as Payables, Receivables, Sales and Purchases.
  • Contain a multiple tax payment notification facility, allowing single payment of due tax notices on multiple invoices of the same customer.
  • Recognize the types of payable taxes, by charging the same as per the taxes previously imposed on invoices.
  • Generate simultaneous sales tax activity reports on more than one tax over a given period of time and specify the relevant type of taxes (sales & purchases – sales only – purchases only).
  • Produce a tax report on an individual item and sate all the taxes identified for such item.
  • Create a report showing aggregate invoices over a given period.
  • Display reports identifying and grouping unpaid taxes, enabling users to recognize paid/unpaid taxes.