Sales Order Processing System


Efficient monitoring & control of sales have a direct impact on corporate profitability & turnover.

Sales Application (SA) features:

  • Monitor and control all sale and customer activities & operations of companies operating in different fields. SA works on an integrated basis with the following applications: Stock Control, Receivables, and Customer Accounts.
  • Classify & categorize customers into multi-level segments and identify sale outlets and regions and sales representatives, which provides multi-level analytical reports.
  • Identify and determine all formats and levels of codes in the system – e.g. branches, warehouses, sale outlets, customer groups, sale regions and sales representatives.
  • Support multi-currency transactions.
  • Employ multi-level cost centres – up to 9 levels.
  • For further analysis, this Application supports identifying and employing multi-level activities/projects.
  • Monitor all the phases of the sale cycle. This starts from quotation request by the customer and preparing quotations to recording customers' purchase orders & monitoring their implementation, and includes issuing cash or credit sale invoices. The Application provides monitoring and control of the various delivery methods of goods, whether before or after invoicing, and processes returned cash or credit sales.
  • Enable charging and following up invoice payment in instalments (payments) at due dates.
  • Process and charge all taxes by identifying various types and rates of taxes for each commodity or service, either by debiting or crediting through the Taxes Application.
  • Support identifying various pricing methods and rules, with the possibility of applying each rule to a given customer or group of customers over a certain period of time.
  • Record and follow up customer agreements and the dates thereof.
  • Follow up sales representatives' performance in terms of target and actual values and percentages as well as collection of sale payments.
  • Provide a powerful financial and analytical reporting system, with the possibility of setting the required analysis criteria for all sale activities at all levels: items/customer groups/customers/branches/sales representatives/projects/cost centres.
  • In addition to all follow-up and monitoring reports on sale activities, the Application supports key analytical reports on sale profitability, item turnover, sale documentation follow-up, and assessment of sales representatives' performance.