Cash Box System


Cash & bank management data are essential for any company to assess its cash and bank position.

Cash & Bank Management Application (CBMA) features:

  • Monitor cash & bank operations to determine the balances of the company's accounts.
  • Identify more than one cash position and handle the accounts of each position.
  • Handle dealings with more than one bank and/or the branches of the same bank.
  • Support multiple-currency transactions.
  • Track bank accounts, using a/c numbers, bank PIN codes, branch & currency numbers, and general account numbers.
  • Make multiple cash disbursements in the same note. Separate notes payable/receivable can be grouped under one single note.
  • Enable the control of bank transactions, using deposit, withdrawal and transfer slips.
  • Transfer balances (cash-to-cash, cash-to-bank, bank-to-bank …etc.).
  • Generate reports on cash activities over a given period, from branch to branch, and in multiple currencies.
  • Create printable reports on bank balances at various levels (bank accounts; branches; type of document; cost centre; activity; project).