Fixed Assets System


Fixed Assets Application (FAA) encompasses all the activities & operations relating to fixed assets.

FAA features:

  • Monitor all the activities & operations pertinent to fixed assets, starting from asset purchase & registration to asset sale or amortization. FAA functions on an integrated basis with General Ledger Application at various levels – i.e. at overall level or asset-specific level.
  • Open unlimited accounting periods simultaneously, with the possibility of opening/closing preceding/subsequent periods.
  • Support defining code formats & levels, with the possibility of identifying all system-used documents.
  • Determine the formats & levels of codes, along with the possibility of defining all system-used documents.
  • Classify assets into multi-level categories, providing analytical reports at different levels.
  • Enable multi-company operation, with the possibility of distributing & counting assets for each site or consolidating assets at various levels.
  • List insurance companies covering respective assets, showing policy numbers, value & premiums.
  • Control & monitor the following asset-related activities.
  • Adjusting asset value in response to asset acquisition/exclusion and redefining assets due to mergers/splits.
  • Provide analytical statistics & reports from different perspectives with chart presentations, without having to perform any migration process.
  • Generate reports at various analytical levels – i.e. assets/classes of assets/sites/insurers.