Accounts Payables System


Payables Application (PA) monitors all the activities and operations of payables and customer accounts at different levels (i.e. the whole system, accounts, or each document).

PA features:

  • Identify an accounts payable in a tree format (i.e. aggregate and detailed accounts) and adding all the relevant data thereof (e.g. currency code – maximum discount – payment periods – type of credit, i.e. cash/a specified amount/open).
  • For further analysis, PA supports the possibility of defining and employing activities/projects.
  • Support handling various types of receivables – e.g. cash, open credit, credit lines and/or credit cards, plus the possibility of invoicing and monitoring invoice payment.
  • Monitoring and controlling all payables-related documents like (cash invoices/credit invoices, returned cash invoices/credit invoices, notes payable & debit & credit notes).
  • Link the accounts payable to analytical figures, thus enabling to identify account movements.
  • State the relevant bank account details, including bank numbers, account currencies, and the numbers of general accounts reflecting all the movements and balances of dealings with banks.
  • Operate on an integrated basis with other applications.
  • Contain a powerful financial and analytical reporting system, with the possibility of setting the required analysis criteria for all payables activities to follow up cash flows and payables due from the company.


Generate the following key reports:

  • Accounts
  • Documentation activities
  • Balances
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Summary annual collection plan
  • Carried-forward entries
  • vendor statements of account & over-limit statement.