General Ledger System


General Ledger Application (GLA) is the core module of the system and the hub that receives financial data from other applications.

GLA features:

  • Support multi-company operation (up to 99 companies), with the possibility of obtaining consolidated results at any level.
  • Contain a multi-level account directory – up to 9 levels.
  • Open unlimited accounting periods simultaneously, with the possibility of opening/closing preceding/subsequent periods.
  • Have a user-friendly interface.
  • Include several analytical levels that can be linked to the general ledger to analyze a variety of financial data like (Analysis figures; cost centres; activities/projects).
  • Redistribute balances of (an account, cost centre or activity) to another (account, cost centre or activity).
  • Provide consolidated recurrent entries from the movements performed regularly with fixed values, and determine the recurrence of the same.


 Generate the following key reports:

  • Movements
  • Balances
  • Trial balances
  • Additional data
  • Budgets
  • Final accounts & Journals

And support all financial & final statements:

  • Trial balances
  • Trading statement
  • Operation statement
  • Operation & trading statements
  • Income statement