Production Costing


Production Costing Application (PCA) is essential for production activities as it calculates end product cost by charging all direct & indirect expenses to product cost.

PCA features:

  • Define items (i.e. products – components).
  • Identify production lines & their machines.
  • Display all production phases until reaching end products.
  • State production processes.
  • Design shift tables for production lines.
  • Show expenses.
  • Make production orders – either general production or customer-specific production based on a given sale order. Delivery date of end products can be fixed, showing product No. & constituent components.
  • Create the relevant work orders of production orders.
  • Control raw material use, through: providing the required materials from warehouses to production lines by means of stock dispatch notes stating the required quantity & available stock & returning unused raw materials to warehouses by means of stock return notes.
  • Execute daily production documents to track day-to-day production activities (stock dispatch notes – expenses – used materials).
  • Indicate raw material utilization under a designated key interface, showing the available stock and the raw materials used in production.
  • Calculate product cost, being the ultimate goal, through an interface comprising: product code, product name, direct expenses, distribution expenses, and the produced quantities over a given period.
  • Generate key reports like work orders, production orders, production documents & production cost.