Material Requirement Planning


Raw Material Planning Application (RMPA) is indispensable for production.

RMPA features:

  • Tailor future plans for the raw materials required for production.
  • Determine the input of a given product – i.e. component items & the necessary processes for the end product in terms of: order of production processes, required working hours, and the ratio of each process to the end product.
  • Identify raw material shipment methods by vendors to calculate procurement time & avoid disruption.
  • Design monthly sales schemes to specify the required raw materials per month.
  • Create raw material worksheets to figure out the required production volume. Worksheets are created based on customer purchase orders, work orders, sales schemes, or manually entered data.
  • Single out secondary products made irregularly.
  • Estimate the required supplies according to the following formula (required amount of the product × No. of product components).
  • Charge the required raw materials for production.
  • Calculate the supplies to be ordered by checking the available stock versus the total required procurements.
  • Create the purchase orders of the unavailable stock needed for production.
  • Redesign plans of previous products to be manufactured at present.
  • Make necessary changes to plans in response to unexpected developments, through: reconsidering plans, cancel plans & referring to the available stock over a given period to specify the required amount of stock.
  • Generate key reports like production planning input, documentation requirements & required input statement.