Payroll System


Payroll Application addresses all the financial aspects of employees' salaries.

Payroll Application features:

  • Identify basic personnel data (personal details – salary slip – travel & other allowances – leaves – job details).
  • Work on an integrated basis with other applications.
  • Define administrative units.
  • Show job data (job details – job description – experience – skills – education & qualifications – evaluation criteria).
  • State job types.
  • Set positions (job positions – financial positions).
  • Assign an annual budget for job positions.
  • List insurance firms.
  • List travel agencies.
  • List healthcare institutions.
  • Indicate marital status.
  • Establish salary payment modes.
  • Display all salary slip items.
  • Devise payment cycles.
  • Denote overtime.
  • Highlight payroll operations and payroll items.
  • Perform all tax-related operations (establishing tax assessments – showing tax exemptions – defining tax items – identifying tax assessment – displaying assessment order).
  • Draw up salary criteria.
  • Record all daily work times, using various entry modes (daily work time of an employee over a given period – daily work time in a given day for more than one employee – work time of one employee for one day).
  • Upload work time details from external files.
  • Control all payroll operations: operating employees' salaries, tax calculation, salary inquiry, cancelling salary operation & cancelling salary operation of a given employee.
  • Manage payroll details: salary slip items over a given period, distribution of cost centres, overtime, salary increase and insurance data.
  • Generate key reports like personnel data, work time, official holidays, tasks, staff salaries over a given period and insurance & taxes.