Personal System


Personnel Administration Application (PAA) is a key solution for any business as it covers all financial & administrative affairs of the personnel.

PAA features:

  • Record basic & additional personnel data (personal details – job details – travel & other allowances – salary slip).
  • Work on an integrated basis with other applications.
  • Draw up organization chart (board of directors – departments – staff).
  • Define the administrative units of jobs.
  • Identify jobs in terms of (evaluation criteria – education & qualifications – experience – job description – job details).
  • Set positions (job positions – financial positions).
  • Design certain fixed performance assessment criteria.
  • Establish annual performance assessment periods.
  • Spot administrative irregularities.
  • State resignation criteria.
  • Carry out staff transfers between departments.
  • Track filed complaints.
  • Manage all personnel procedures (resignations – fired employees – PA procedures – penalty documentation – absenteeism).
  • Show items entrusted & each employee's entrusted items as well as perform all operations in relation to the same (i.e. inventory, provision, receipt and/or cancellation of employees' entrusted items).
  • Register medical information (referrals to clinics – workplace injuries).
  • Handle all leave actions (leave recording – returning from leave – leave change – additional leaves – adding permissible annual leaves – leave plan – leave-entitled employees – employees on leave).
  • Generate key personnel reports, including: list of employees, key staff data, staff performance assessment, staff analysis, staff transfers, employees' entrusted items, travel allowance statement, leaves statement & employees on leave.