Retail Back System


Retail Back Office Application (RBOA) is indispensable for any business having branches or stores.

RBOA features:

  • Monitor and control all the activities & operations related to the purchases and vendors of companies operating in different fields.
  • Define all the formats and levels of codes on the system – for branches, warehouses, purchase outlets, vendor groups and purchase departments. Codes contain up to a maximum of 20 segments.
  • Specify the nature of each segment in code as "fixed text" or "identified data", enabling the user to determine the details of each segment before identifying the items and associate the relevant details with a certain item upon being identified.
  • Monitor all the phases of the purchase cycle and enter the details of cash or credit purchase invoices. The Application provides monitoring and control of the various delivery methods of goods, whether before or after invoicing, processes returned cash or credit purchases and charges expenses to purchases.
  • Support all the criteria and determinants of items, including measuring units, minimum order, basic item number, multiple vendors, maximum buyer credit, and margin (%).
  • Control of all stock movements, including stock receipt, dispatch, transfers and returns, as well as item ordering movements, damaged items processing, stock inventory and stock settlements, with the possibility of identifying various type for each movement.
  • Provide a powerful financial and analytical reporting system, with the possibility of setting the required analysis criteria for all purchase activities at various levels: items/vendor groups/vendors/branches/projects/cost centres.
  • In addition to all follow-up and monitoring reports on the movements and balances, the Application supports key analytical reports on stock assessment, item turnover and stagnant stock.